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Quick Profile

I am a medical doctor and board certified (in Hungary) clinical radiologist with 16 years of experience in all modalities of diagnostic radiology using both conventional and digital equipment, and with outstanding technical background and deep involvement in R&D. I have extensive product management, quality and regulatory, business and clinical strategy development, and research experience working in highly-regulated medical devices industry. I do not shy away from tough situations, tight deadlines and high responsibility and have demonstrated the ability to change jobs, locations and industries and produce results in new environments.

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Career Achievements

Elected member of Philips Healthcare's global Medical Leadership Team, representing Patient Care and Clinical Informatics business unit. Starting and leading Philips’ "Innovations in Radiology" LinkedIn group and nurturing it to over six thousand members in just 6 month. Successfully managed complete product life-cycle and delivered 9 releases, all on time of Philips’ iSite PACS product lines that represent 95% of existing customers globally.

Promoted to Medical Director position at Aspyra, Inc. (formerly StorCOMM, Inc.). Personally guided penetration into two international PACS markets outside USA, credited with substantial bottom-line impact through new revenue stream creation.

Successfully managed the conceptualization-to-market implementation of 3 major product lines.

As part of a team, revised the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) requirements for medical device and developed a coherent system of regulations for Hungarian authorities, which are consistent with ISO 9001 and EN 46001 in order to harmonize with European Union regulations.

Co-founder of Medirex 2000 Corp., a small primary care provider in Hungary serving few thousand patients.

Nominated for board member position in The Society of Hungarian Radiologists (declined due to moving to USA)

Awarded various fellowships, research and travel grants (1999 AAPM, 1999 Nycomed, 1998 Society of Hungarian Radiologist, 1997 EFOMP, 1997 Toshiba, 1995 The Royal College of Radiologists, 1993 Medicom-Glaxo) for both medical and industrial research accomplishments.

Performed various forms of professional training, graduate and resident teaching. Launched seminar and lecture tours in countryside hospitals in Hungary. Established internet website for Society of Hungarian Radiologists. Published more than a dozen articles/papers in international scientific journals and on Internet and made numerous oral presentations at various international fora.


I have extensive experience with various imaging modalities as clinician and possess strong technical and regulatory background. I know the methodology of clinical research, published extensively and am comfortable speaking publicly. Over years in research I progressed from clinical practice into medical devices industry, was involved in hands-on R&D, product and business development, guiding clinical strategy as medical director.

I can provide design input and feedback from the field for product development. I can mediate between physicians, business and technical professionals, as I know the specific needs, jargon and mentality of both. On the other hand I can plan, organize and supervise complex projects involving numerous inside and outside partners on an aggressive schedule, while still paying attention to details. My people management skills and sensitivity for the needs of my peers/reports allowed me to bridge political minefields and establish highly productive working environments. I am equally efficient as individual contributor and as a team member.

I have hands-on experience in clinical workflow and business intelligence, competitive landscape analysis, system architecture, data modeling, healthcare standards, user interface design, pre-dev projects, enterprise-wide integration, and migration of legacy systems in addition to the following areas of diagnostic radiology, software and hardware development and borderline sciences:

•        PACS/RIS, Pathology and Cardiology PACS and mammography software development, real-life implementation and integration of 3rd party clinical applications and decision support systems.

•        Predictive and agile software development processes, beta and clinical testing.

•        Quality and regulatory aspects of FDA-regulated hardware and software medical device industry, health risk assessment, safety review, root cause analysis, CAPAs, field notifications.

•        Digital image post-processing techniques, impact of artifacts on diagnostic accuracy.

•        Optimal image management and streaming in systems with irregular traffic and heterogeneous bandwidth.

•        Software validation and virtualization, testing in virtual sand-boxes, virtual storage and networks

•        HIPAA-compliant secure on- and off-site storage solutions and data distribution.

•        Fundamental relationship of image quality and patient dose in digitally augmented systems.

•        Multipurpose digital X-ray detectors with variable resolution, access time, and sensitivity, including but not limited to image intensifiers, CR, flat panel and CCD-based technologies. Practical problems of spiral CT.

•        US transducer technologies, real-time 3D ultrasound and its application for image guided procedures.

Employment History

2011 – current......... General Electric Healthcare......... Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

Medical Director, CT

•        Promoting medical consciousness and being the voice of the Patient and Healthcare Provider to the management team.

•        Supporting the medical evidence generation to drive clinical value through research portfolio and to provide clinical proof points for marketing, product submissions and reimbursement strategies.

•        Contributing to the patient safety and medical risk assessment process.

•        Supporting management of clinical trials, ensuring safety of protocols and medical privacy compliance, comparative effectiveness research.

•        Leading medical advisory boards and workouts for disease-based indications.

•        Providing medical guidance to project teams on clinical feasibility and design inputs and to complaint handling teams regarding post-market safety surveillance.

•        Partnering with external thought leaders in academia and research institutions to help advance Company’s luminary strategy.

•        Presenting medical affairs vision, strategies and programs to customers.

•        Supporting GEHC clinical publications and education-as-a-business strategies.

•        Medical liaison for medical societies, government agencies, ministries of health and advocacy groups.

•        Performing medico-clinical assessments for acquisition due diligence and supporting intellectual property applications.

2008 – 2011......... Philips Healthcare......... Foster City, California, USA

Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Imaging Informatics

•        Member of Philips Healthcare global Medical Leadership Team, supporting strategic goals of the Company and business objectives of the Office of Medical and Health Affairs lead by dr. Eric Silfen CMO.

•        Leading "Innovations in Radiology" Philips’ LinkedIn group (6000+ members).

•        Managing complete life-cycle of iSite Enterprise and iSite Radiology product lines and integration with clinical applications, including roadmaps, partner strategy, sales support, AOP, interfacing with customers.

•        Driving improvements in mammography and cardiology PACS capabilities.

•        NPI launch responsibilities, positioning, pricing, promotion, sales tools and knowledge transfer, collateral owner.

•        Ensuring compliance with PRP (product realization process).

•        Marketing owner of pre-development projects based on Scrum technology.

•        Supporting day-to-day quality, regulatory and patient safety activities.

•        Preparing clinical assessments of technologies targeted for acquisitions.

•        Member of Emergency Response Team.

2001 – 2008......... Aspyra, Inc. (formerly StorCOMM, Inc.)......... Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Promoted to Medical Director position in April, 2004,
Initially Product Manager for Workstation Systems

•        Developed requirements for PACS software and diagnostic mammography viewing station, redesigned GUI, prioritized tasks, supervised implementation and managed introduction of the system to market

•        Coordinated integration of RIS and PACS into a combined large-scale enterprise product, delivering on time and within budget

•        Responsible for international business development. Personally introduced our products into two international markets, found local integrator companies, discussed business relationships, formulated contracts and closed the deals. Executed the business models with full control over branding, licensing, pricing and market positioning

•        Supervised integration of 3rd party applications into diagnostic viewer, validated end results and specified the future roadmaps

•        Maintained ongoing awareness of developments in clinical research field

•        Participated in professional organizations representing company

•        Coordinated clinical end-user training, performed on-site trainings

•        Introduced web-cast trainings and CBTs for application specialists, sales and customers

•        Supported sale activities through conceptualization of deploy-ready configurations, maintaining demo database and performing on-site demos for major prospects

2000 – 2001......... Wuestec, Inc.......... Mobile, Alabama, USA

Senior Manager of Research and Development (transferred from DigiX, Inc., a subsidiary of Wuestec in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

•        Analyzed difficult-trade-offs and carefully chose feature set that would yield the best price/performance within the given time constraints

•        Contributed to product definitions and designs. Able to articulate complex medical problems in plain language for technical professionals and vice versa

•        Transformed a concept into an X-ray film scanning production line with hardware, software, organizational and regulatory components within three months.

•        Participated in web-based image streaming, mini-PACS and videoconferencing software development

•        Investigated potential partner companies, analyzing their products, channels, perspectives, choosing strategic alliances, participated in negotiations with vendors and customers

•        Responsible for marketing solutions medical and technological white papers

•        Developed and enforced standards for software validation and backup procedures, spread out over a half-dozen development projects running simultaneously. Participated in developing company’s Quality System and CGMP

1991 – 2000......... National Institute of Radiology and Radiation Physics......... Budapest, Hungary

Head of Organizational and Methodological Department since 1995

The role of NIRRP is similar to the role of FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. My Department controlled the design, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of medical imaging devices. We also provided technical and other non-financial assistance to small manufacturers in Hungary

•        Responsible for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical devices and eliminating unnecessary human exposure to man-made radiation from imaging devices

•        Made financial decisions up to 30-40% of the Institute’s annual budget. Built outstanding record in resource management, outstanding attrition record. Started with a team of 5 and grew it to 16

•        Validated and qualified imaging equipment and software in clinical environment (ultrasound and CT, bone densitometers, X-ray film scanners, RIS and PACS)

•        Coordinated activities with national and international regulatory bodies

•        Coordinated/Served as a liaison with major diagnostic equipment manufacturers, regarding quality standards and GMP policy

•        Pursued funding opportunities (grant applications, industrial contributions)

Spin-off activities:

•        Member of several governmental grant review committees

•        Served as independent expert in law suites

•        Educational activities (research assistant, student dissertation discussant)

•        Editor of Radiological Bulletin 1994-2000

1991-1995......... Haynal Imre Medical University, Radiology Dept.......... Budapest, Hungary

Residency in Radiology

•        All residency training necessary for radiologist qualification

•        Research in the field of transrectal Color Doppler sonography and in 3D sonography technical solutions, particularly in examinations of human eye

•        Participated in development of home-grown RIS


Board Certified Diagnostic Radiologist (with distinction), Hungary, 1995.

Medical Doctor, Semmelweis Medical University, Hungary, 1991, (Dissertation: Role of Computed Techniques in Modern Diagnostic Imaging).

Paramedic Doctor, Semmelweis Medical University, Hungary, 1990.

3rd High School of Uzshgorod. Awarded with Gold Medal of Ukrainian Government for excellence. USSR, 1985.

Additional certificates:

Certified PACS Associate (PARCA, PACS Administrator Registry and Certification Association), USA, 2006.

M.Sc. candidate, Biomedical Engineering, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary. Aborted before graduation due to relocation to Canada.

European Computer Driver License (ECDL), Hungary, 2000 (Microsoft Windows operating systems, productivity and office software, database systems, diagnostic tools, networking.

Active member of various professional organizations and workgroups (ACR, since 2009. AHRA, since 2008. RSNA, since 2007. PARCA, since 2006. Association of Physicists in Medicine, since 1998. Roland Eotvos Physical Society, since 1995. Hungarian Medical Chamber, since 1994. Hungarian Society of Radiologists, since 1994.)


Native in Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, English (Academic IELTS test score 8.5 out of max. 9).

References and Recommendations

References are available upon request.

Recommendations from former radiologist colleagues, clients, co-workers and my managers.

My LinkedIn profile.


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